Testing Results

Freight Wing products represent the most thoroughly evaluated aerodynamic trailer fairings available to the trucking industry. Multiple scientific testing projects have been conducted by respected third parties including the U.S Department of Energy, the EPA Smartway Program and Transport Canada.

We publish the test reports here for you to make your own determination about our tractor trailer aerodynamic improvements. Many companies can boast fuel savings—few can back up their claims with standardized tests conducted by impartial and respected professionals.

Independent Third Party Standardized Test Results

DOE Sponsored SAE/TMC J1321 Procedure at the TRC

Freight Wing used the TRC to conduct industry standard SAE/TMC J1321 Type II tests on Freight Products in early 2004. The SAE/TMC J1321 procedure is the trucking industry standard for comparing the fuel consumption of class 8 trucks because it specifically addresses the needs and operating conditions of long haul fleets. After conducting these tests, the TRC concluded Freight Wing’s products produced the following results:

  • Freight Wing Belly Fairing: 3.87% Efficiency Improvement
  • Freight Wing Aerodynamic System: 5.99% Efficiency Improvement

Download Transportation Research Center (TRC) Report Here

EPA SmartWay SAE Test at Aberdeen Proving Grounds

The first of two test conducted by the EPA SmartWay Program was at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. It featured the Freight Wing Belly Fairing in combination with our Gap Fairing and a “boat tail” rear fairing developed by another company. Data indicated that the semi trailer aerodynamic improvement produced a 12% fuel economy gain at 65 mph.

Download EPA Aberdeen Test Report Here

EPA SmartWay SAE Test at Southwest Research Center

In this second testing project, the EPA hired the Southwest Research Institute to conduct SAE standardized tests. The Freight Wing Belly Fairing and Gap Fairing demonstrated an 11.5% fuel savings in combination with single wide tires in a 65 mph drive cycle.

Download SouthWest Research Center SAE Test Paper Here

NRC Full Scale Wind Tunnel Test

In March 2006, Freight Wing participated in a full scale wind tunnel testing project sponsored by the National Research Counsel (NRC) of Canada that was open to several developers of aerodynamic technology. The NRC has one of the world's largest and most sophisticated wind tunnel facilities based in Ottawa. Test results showed a 5.9% reduction in wind averaged drag coefficient at 55 mph with the Belly Fairing. According to the NRC's method of estimating fuel savings from wind tunnel data, this result should produce 4.2% fuel savings at 65 mph.

Download NRC Full Scale Wind Tunnel Test Paper Here

Energotest 2007 SAE J1321 Procedure by FPInnovations Feric

In October of 2007, Freight Wing participated in the Energotest 2007 initiated by Robert Transport and Cascades Transport to evaluate energy efficient technologies. FPInnovations Feric oversaw this project that was held at Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Test Center operated by PMG Technologies. Our aerodynamic trailer skirt, with a wheel cover extension, demonstrated a 7.2% improvement in fuel economy making it the most efficient trailer skirt in this test.

  • Freight Wing Low Rider with wheel cover: 7.2% Efficiency Improvement

Download Energotest 2007 Test Report Here

Energotest 2008 SAE J1321 Procedure by FPInnovations Feric

Freight Wing returned to the Energotest project in 2008 to demonstrate the Aeroflex skirt. FPInnovations Feric continued oversight of this project that was held at Transport Canada's Motor Vehicle Test Center operated by PMG Technologies. The Aeroflex in it’s wedged configuration delivered a 7.45% improvement, again besting all other skirting configurations tested.

  • Freight Wing Aeroflex: 7.45% Efficiency Improvement

Download Energotest 2008 Test Report Here

Automotive Research Center (ARC) CARB Wind Tunnel Test

In June of 2009, a groundbreaking comparative 1/10 scale wind tunnel test was conducted at the Automotive Research Center (ARC). This was a fleet sponsored project comparing commercial configurations of leading CARB compliant fairings under identical wind tunnel conditions. The Freight Wing Aeroflex beat the competition by a wide margin. This testing indicated that the Aeroflex skirting can provide around a 20%+ improvement in aerodynamics over other CARB compliant skirts in the advance skirting category.

Download ARC CARB Skirt Test Summery Here (full report available from the ARC)

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