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With today’s volatile diesel prices, maximizing your fleet’s fuel efficiency is always a priority. Unlike the many fuel saving products that fail to deliver on exaggerated claims, we base our numbers on multiple SAE/TMC J1321 standardized testings conducted by respected third parties. All of our improvements to semi trailer aerodynamics are confirmed by operational fleet fuel economy testing, as well as demostrating proven functionality and durability. We take a full view of the cost equation involved, from initial expenses to ongoing maintenance factors, so that we are sure our products are the most cost effective means of maximizing fuel efficiency. Prove it for yourself and put your fleet ahead of the curve.

Every fleet’s fuel saving potential and ROI is different due to regional fuel prices, tractor efficiency, trailer mileage, speed, operations and the aerodynamic configuration. However, most high mileage fleets will receive an ROI on their original investment in around one year. Whatever your needs, Freight Wing Inc. has an option that will improve your profitability by decreasing fuel expenditures. Contact us for a custom fuel savings analysis based on your fleet’s operations.

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Calculator estimates are based on the results of SAE/TMC standardized test results and the information provided by the user. Estimates assume that fuel costs increase 9.9% per year (the average U.S. annual increase from 2000-2005 according to DOE data). Actual results may vary due to different equipment configurations, operating conditions, and fuel costs.

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