Freight Wing Gap Fairing

Redefining the potential of front trailer fairings.

This fairing will save 1-2% for the most efficient aerodynamic and gap specifications used by today’s long haul tractors. These savings can double if your trucks lack optimized aerodynamics and/or run a large gap setting.

  • The Gap Fairing is the perfect match with the AeroFlex skirting for the ultimate in aerodynamic fuel savings
  • Boost your savings up to 9% when using our front and side fairings together
  • EPA SmartWay Verified in the trailer gap reducer category

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Increased Fuel Savings

The Gap Fairing provided an additional 2% fuel savings when tested with the Belly Fairing in SAE/TMC J1321 type II testing. Unlike trailer skirting, the fuel saving results of front trailer fairings can be more variable due to different tractor aerodynamic configurations and gap settings, but this is still an important area for improvement for long haul fleets needing maximum aerodynamic coverage.

Designed to last

Durable state-of-the-art advanced material construction.

Installation & Maintenance

Now with flexible plastic panels and braces, you do not need to worry about impact damage negating your important fuel economy benefits. This new improved design and lower price will make the Freight Wing Gap Fairing an important addition to any high mileage dry van trailer.

The Freight Wing Gap Fairing is easily mounted to nearly any dry van trailer, providing improved trailer aerodynamics. These units can be pre-assembled in an hour and mount quickly on the trailer face. The innovative design allows different trailer corner and leading edge geometries to be accommodated with a perfect fit. No maintenance is required beyond periodic fastener inspection. The gap fairing is within the turning radius of the trailer so it will not contact the tractor when turning even if you run a tight gap. The center of the trailer face remains open to allow convenient access to the back of the cab and hook up cables.

Time tested and reliable construction

Improved flexible support rod system.

Design Specifications

Part Numbers
  • 76-50172-20 single packed standard unit fits 53’ & 48’ dry vans, and 28’ pups
Fuel Savings
  • 2% Independently verified via SAE/TMC J1321 Type II testing
  • 1-3% Savings measured in fleet operations
  • EPA SmartWay verified in the trailer gap reducer category
  • Meets CARB trailer requirements when combined with an EPA verified trailer side skirt
Unity Weight
  • 55 lbs. for standard unit
  • Height of the unit is 90.97” and the width is 91.7"
  • 2 man hours
  • Incorporate into normal trailer inspection schedule
  • Reduces horsepower requirements on truck engine
  • Modular construction allow easy replacement of any parts
  • Lightweight Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO) panels
  • All supporting components protected from corrosion
  • All materials 100% recyclable with high cost recovery
Colors & Graphics
  • White
  • Custom colors available with 25 unit minimum
  • Graphic options from small stickers to full wraps
  • No special driver requirements
  • No potential for interference with turning radius of tractor or side extenders
  • Trailer face remains open to allow easy access to back of cap and line hook ups
  • Securely attached to the trailer with redundant/fail safe fastener points
  • Improved airflow around the trailer reduces splash and spray for better visibility for the driver and passing motorist
  • Improves trailer tracking and eases trailer pull for reduced driver fatigue
  • Available from nearly all trailer manufacturers as a factory installed option
  • Available from select dealer networks for aftermarket installation
  • 1 year warrantee

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