EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership

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Your first concerns in business are cost cutting and profitability. Freight Wing is a leader in proving that good environmental stewardship is good business and is also a proud EPA SmartWay Affiliate.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partnership is a voluntary collaboration between the government and freight transportation industry that addresses greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, criteria pollutants (NOx and PM), and operating costs associated with ground freight transportation. Through the program, the EPA and its partners expect to eliminate 33 to 66 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and up to 200,000 tons of NOx emissions per year by 2012. This represents savings of as much as 150 million barrels of oil a year– the equivalent to taking about 12 million cars off the road.

In addition to helping the environment, the SmartWay program is good for business. By attracting membership from both freight carriers and shippers, who pledge to use the carriers for their transportation needs, the program creates valuable economic synergies. The program also increases public awareness of its member's environmental commitment and provides assistance in implementing fuel and money saving strategies. For more information, visit the SmartWay website.

The fuel saving and emission reducing benefits of the Freight Wing Aeroflex, Belly Fairing, and Gap Fairing have been verified by EPA’s SmartWay program. These Freight Wing products help fleets qualify for a high rating in the SmartWay Transport Partnership. They also allow fleets to participate in grant opportunities and meet regulations specifying SmartWay verified technologies. Freight Wing was invited by the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership to participate in detailed fuel economy and emissions tests at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Go to our testing page to see the test results.

EPA SmartWay Financial Assistance

The SmartWay Finance Center has worked with private lenders to provide low interest loans for SmartWay verified technologies. Go to www.smartwayfinancecenter.com for more information.

The SmartWay website is a great source of information about government grant opportunities and low interest loan programs through the SmartWay Finance Program. Go to the SmartWay website to for the latest information.

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