Freight Wing Chassis Fairing

Engineered for strength. Built to last.

Many container chassis trailers running on high mileage routes will benefit from trailer skirting technology. The Freight Wing Chassis Fairing was developed to meet this specialized need. Units placed in operation have performed very well with consistent and measureable fuel economy improvements.

  • Impact resistant panels flex to provide ample ground clearance
  • Extended front and lower aerodynamic coverage
  • Modular construction is durable and maintenance free

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Increased Fuel Savings

The Chassis Fairing provides up to 7% fuel savings when tested in fleet operations. For long haul oriented container movements, these fuels savings can add up to thousands of dollars per chassis per year.

In developmental testing the Chassis Fairings were placed on a 130 mile route that ran twice daily. Average mpg on these routes improved from 5 to up to 5.3 over many weeks of controlled testing. Fuel savings came in around 5-7% when compared to the historical baseline data. In total, the skirts ended up saving 25,715 gallons of fuel during the first year. At $4 per gallon this fleet saved $102,860 or about $3,809 per truck annually in fuel savings. This equated to around a six month return on investment for this fleet operation.

Designed to last

Durable state-of-the-art AeroFlex Technology.

Installation & Maintenance

Applying the proven flexible AeroFlex concept to this fairing, you do not need to worry about impact damage negating your important fuel economy benefits. This design is simple in construction and will make the Freight Wing Chassis Fairing an important addition to any high mileage dry van trailer.

The Freight Wing Chassis Fairing is easily mounted to nearly any container trailer, providing improved airflow and less drag on the trailer. The unit is clamped onto the I-beams, below where the intermodal box rests. This keeps the two panel side skirts intact and free from damage during loading. The skirts are fully flexible and are attached to the trailer with fiberglass rods that can bend to absorb impacts.

Time tested and reliable construction

Flexible panels and support rod system.

Design Specifications

Part Numbers
  • 76-50188-60 single packed unit
Fuel Savings
  • 5-7% savings measured in fleet operations
Unit Weight
  • 150 lbs. for standard unit
  • 5 man hours
  • Incorporate into normal trailer inspection schedule
  • Reduces horsepower requirements on truck engine
  • Modular construction allow easy replacement of any parts
  • Available in DMP Plastic or Composite panels
  • All supporting components protected from corrosion
  • All materials 100% recyclable with high cost recovery
Colors & Graphics
  • White
  • Custom colors available with 25 unit minimum
  • Graphic options from small stickers to full wraps
  • No special driver requirements
  • No interference with container loading to chassis
  • Securely attached to the trailer with redundant/fail safe fastener points
  • Improved airflow around the trailer reduces splash and spray for better visibility for the driver and passing motorist
  • Improves trailer tracking and eases trailer pull for reduced driver fatigue
  • Available from nearly all trailer manufacturers as a factory installed option
  • Available from select dealer networks for aftermarket installation
  • 1 year warranty

Product Gallery

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